Sunday, September 23, 2007

The rain the other day was a much needed welcome. I was never so happy to hear those tappings on my window. My car got a decent wash. It was a good way to start the fall. Hopefully more like it will be coming. Although the rest of this week seems like we'll be feeling hot, hot, hot. Luckily the evenings and nights are cooler again. I missed bundling up in my nice comfy and fluffy comforter. I'm more of a sweater person. Have I mentioned that yet?

Anyways...Going to Costco or any warehouse type shop, is like an adventure in itself. Just walk around and you'll see peoples alter egos come out. One thing they keep forgetting is that no matter what it will always be crowded, especially during the weekends. Parking sucks as well. Everyone clamouring to get the sweet spot near the front of the store. Who freakin cares. if you can walk, then walk. We all need the exercise.

Now the shopping begins. The register lines are long and waiting can be a bitch. Walking through the aisles are crazy. People trying to get through bypassing one another.

For example: Lady one tries to get passed Lady 2 with her shopping cart. In the process nearly runs over lady's precious pointed-toe boot. Of course Lady maneuvers as much to avoid a collision, but lady 2 huffs and puffs about her shoe. They both are going the same direction. Lady two getting furious because they didn't go first and saying something along the lines of "will you watch it!" to lady one. Lady 1 answering "I don't understand what you're saying" sort of in a condescending way and rolls on.

Or if you are accidentally nudged from behind with a cart, it's not that theyy did it intentionally (or maybe), you don't turn around and nudge their cart back at them and stare like you own the piece of gravel under you. I guess people forget about common decency. Claws come out scratching. First time's a warning. Second time they come out swingin'. Then you've got those people who open the bulk packaging of certain items to see what's inside.

Of course there are those polite enough to say "'scuse me" or "I'm sorry" in certain instances of blockage or accidental bumpage.

Good thing I don't go there often. Maybe like once every few months. That place is good for getting toilet paper or necessities. Lasts a while, saves a bundle.

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