Thursday, April 03, 2008

So after my little episode last week. I've calmed down back to earth.

Anywho... These past two weeks I've been organizing some family photos of one of our clients at work. I've had the opportunity to look at some awesome photos that are a little over one hundred years old. Some even older. A newspaper clipping from 1885. The one thing that made it even worthwhile was an old tintype photograph the late 1800s. The tintype photo was a family photograph of the grandfather of our client. These are the earliest type of photographs before they were printed on paper. It was basically thin sheets of metal. To actually see one that survived all these years is completely amazing. The matriarch of the family has kept a lot of family history like telegraphs and an invitation from the 1930s, photos from early 1900s. All historical pieces. I'm in awe in how far we've come.

Here's a example of a tintype photograph taken around the late 1800s. (This isn't the exact photograph, just using it as a example.)

They're about the size of a a playing card. But you can see why I'm excited to see an authentic one first hand and not in a museum, but found in a box of old family photos. It's amazing how much family history was preserved.

Aside from that got a lovely new phone. I'm trying out the internet capability of it by emailing this weeks blog. It seems to work. It'll come in handy when I travel out of the country in May. That way I can post my many adventures and hopefully share some photos. Yippy!!

Oh, btw... I just realized that it's been one year since I've started blogging on this blogger. So another yippy for me. Thanks to all of you who come by week after week and read my ramblings and tidbits. Cheers!

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