Sunday, September 28, 2008

Had my first trip to the LA County Fair yesterday with one of my best friends. After all these years of living in the LA county, I finally muster up enough energy to drive down to Pomona for the fair. I just wish it wasn't 90 degrees out. Holy shit was it hot out!!! Isn't summer supposed to be over like last week?

Anyway... I had no idea how huge the LA County Fair would be. There were tons of shopping areas, I mean I even saw the sham-wow guys. If you've seen the informercial you'll know what I'm talking about. Of course, there are the usual game booths, rides, and of course the endless food stalls. YUM!! There were a ton of people when we arrived. We opted for the VIP parking which was closer to the entrance. We didn't feel like walking far in the heat.

We were really hungry when we arrived, so the first thing we did was getting some grub in the stomach. We had ourselves a scrumptious hotdog from one of the pinks hotdog vendors. It was delicious. It actually hard to choose what to eat especially when you're surrounded by so much food. Don't mind the napkins on the table. We were starving.

After that we did some walking. Portion sizes at fairs aren't always what you think. Things are BIG. We walked around to the many shopping areas. You'd feel like you're surrounded by infomercials. People offering free samples of their products and such. So many vendors. After an hour or so we decided on some desert. On a hot day what could be better than a snow cone. The pic below is of the regular size. I can't even imagine what the large size would look like. I had the pineapple and lemon lime flavor. That too tasted very good until it turned to liquid, but still good.

Walked around more after that. checked out what rides there were and I did ride on one. I made sure one of the things I had to do was at least go on one ride. It's be a long time since I've rode on any amusement park ride. We rode Speed. It was a ride that that goes in circles and causes chair thingy to spin forward and backward freely. A word of caution though. Before riding any ride make sure that your food is fully digested. No one wants to see you up-chucking your lunch. My throat kinda hurt after that from screaming as we spun and whirls forwards and backwards. Brings back childhood memories.

As our afternoon came to a close, we had one more treat to get. It was the all too famous deep-fried oreos. Yes, you read it right. Deep-fried oreos! And boy was it ever tasty. It was either that or a funnel cake. I like both, but the oreo was beckoning to me. The cookie itself becomes soft and mushy in the fried batter. It was a good way to cap off a good day at the fair.

Why didn't I come here before? I had a lot of fun.It brings out the kid in all of us. This may just become another annual tradition of things to do once a year. Next time I'll go at night and see all the colorful amusement park lights.

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