Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!


Bunny rabbits, easter egg hunts, family gatherings, food. It's a time to be happy and celebrate with family and friends. For Christians around the world, it's the time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

I remember the days when I used to color eggs the day before. I would try to do intricate designs only to end up with weird color blobs. Then my mom would hide them around our little tiny one bedroom apartment and I'd find them. There's only so many places where you can hide an egg in a small area. I never did eat the eggs. I just wanted the fun of coloring them. Oh, the memories.

This also marked the beginning of spring break for many. The week long day off of school. I relished the day when that came. I didn't have to worry about school. I got to sleep in, catch up on my daytime soaps and veg-out all day long. Procrastinate on the projects that were given and scramble the day before to get all my homework done before school came back into session. Oh, the memories.

To celebrate the day, check out my fun little recipe for Peep S'mores on Bread + Butter

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