Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everyday Things

I find it funny that I get inspired by the littlest things I see. I guess that can count as a good thing that helps my imagination stay active. Just as I see in photograph with the endless possibilities an image can give, I find it the same with things that occur in everyday life.

For example, on the way home last night, I saw a man dressed in ratty clothes. Sleeves cut from his shirt, pants seemed old and worn. He definitely looked dissheveled with a "bandana" folded and tied around his head. The part of town looked a bit seedy for that time at night. With bars and questionable eating establishments being the only places open. As my friend and I left the parking lot of where we had parked, I observed him standing there as if he was waiting for something. Then making a sudden turn and walking the opposite direction.

Why was he wandering? Was he lost? Did he need help? Did he have a home to go to? What about his family? Does he have one? I begin taking mental notes and try to jot down as much as I can before my mind wanders off into another inspired moment.
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