Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anger plus frustration turns into quiet reflection

It saddens me when people stoop so low as to steal other people's hard earned money. It's really unforgivable. Call it what you will, but in this day in age majority of us, middle class folk, are basically tightening our belts, living off paycheck to paycheck, barely making enough to put a roof over our heads and food in our mouths and pay for the endless amounts of bills each month. I understand that times a really getting desperate, but seriously...greed is the root that kills.

Just recently, I've had some checks that I had mailed get stolen from the mail. Somehow the thieves were able to change who the checks were for and the amount. I find that incredibly unbelievable, yet when I saw a copy of those check from my online account...there it was. Those asshole jerks changed the information written. How? ...I don't know. I don't care whether if they were a man or woman. They're shitheads in my book. Anyway... upon investigating the handwriting was WAY off. What's even more unbelievable is that the bank that accepted the check didn't even find anything suspicious with it. (?) Or at least the teller is completely blind to forged and tampered checks. Or somehow they should have verified if it was legit before handing someone the cold hard cash for the specified amount. They really need a new system for that kind of thing. It frustrating.

To add on to the frustration, I had to deal with the bank and other things. Opened a new account and closed the old one I've had for many years.  Frustrating as you file a fraud claim and all that jazz. They have to investigate it and you're left with no money to buy your necessities. It's just a major headache.

But all I can do is try to stay positive and believe that the issue will be resolved. I just need to be twice as careful as to how I issue future checks. Keep my doors doubly locked and store away all personal  information. As a friend mentioned to me...it makes you want to keep all your money in your sock drawer. I hope those thieves get what's coming to them. Their scheme won't last them very long. I truly believe in karma. What goes around comes about.

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