Sunday, October 03, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new.

I had a near predicament last week when my trusty old powerbook decided to go on to greener pastures. It's about time anyway. The thing was chugging it's way to its final moments for about a year now. It was cringe inducing to know that at any moment the hard drive would give out. And so it did...on a tuesday.  Not to mention that it is 5-6 years old. By technology standards -- that's like obsolete now.

What's the worse part is hinders me from doing my work, writing and research for a projects. Luckily, right before it decided to die on me, I managed to back up all my important files. Phew!!!

Let's just say the days that followed were a little...odd. My fingers are used to constantly typing all day long. Yes, I'm addicted to technology. Luckily, an angel helped me out and I was able to get myself a new toy. I've gone pro. Now I'm able to continue with my work and research and fb and... and... do my coffeeshop writings once again without having to worry if the hard drive will suddenly combust.

Now it's back to business once again. I'll eventually get the hard drive switched out of the powerbook when I get some $$$ once again. It's still useful. Give that one to someone who's in need of a "well-cared" computer.

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