Friday, April 13, 2007

Back in the blogger game

So I've had this blogger account for as long as I can remember. I've had it since before friendster or myspace. I've had it since the birth of blogging as a matter of fact. That's a long time. With my random teenage rants and raves posted like I didn't have a care in the world. Okay... Maybe I did care (a little). Don't worry none of you will ever see those rants because I've archived those.

No longer neglected like an old ragdoll, I've brought this blog back from the dead with fresh insight and new ideas. All full of my many midadventures, semi-interesting tidbits and such. It's also a way for those who care (i.e. family, friends, random people) to keep track of what I'm up to. This will be updated weekly. The more the merrier, I like to say. Also anyone can post comments, so if you feel like responding to somthing I've written or just want to say 'hello' go on ahead. I'd love to hear from you. Really...I do. Since not everyone has access of my other blog on myspace. I can have my Doogie Howser moments here as well. Remember that show? It was a good show back in the early 90's.

So ladies and gents...add this blog to your bookmarks because this one is here to stay. The first official blog will be posted this sunday (4/15/07 PST). Stay tuned!

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Big Dee said...

Back on the scene, crispy and clean!

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