Sunday, April 15, 2007

Springtime = closer to summertime

Greetings and salutations!! Welcome to the newly minted weekly blog.

What do you think of the title of the page? nifty, eh? I wanted something that was quirky and a Let me give you the one cent tour. To your right you'll see my very minimal profile. Below that... added a few links. First two are some of my stuff, the third is a blog by a friend of mine, and the others are random. I will add more, it's just choosing which links to put. Below that are previous posts and the archive. Anywho... The first official post on this trusty ol' blogger. (I.E. my Doogie Howser moment of the week) I've broken out of the myspace hold and now reaching out to the world. So, here it goes:

I've made the decision to start excercising again. I really have. Serious. Trying to be a little more healthy and lose some of the extra baggage, if you know what I mean. I lost a good amount last year. 20lbs before Christmas to be exact. Miraculously, I've maintained it thus far. I began taking my daily walks again this week, which felt kind of wierd, but I managed. Just made sure I had the trusty ipod on hand to keep me amused for an hour or so. The other day I even started going to the gym again. I can feel the soreness kicking in. But hey, I shouldn't let that membership at Bally's go to waste, right? Besides I am the one paying for it. (monthly, ugh...) As much as I hate to admit it excercising was and still is not one of my favorite things. It does take a little initiative, just like when I do my writing. I literally have to force myself to do something in order to get it done.

In other news for those in the US, if you have the discovery channel I HIGHLY recommend that you watch Planet Earth. It's an 11-part miniseres about the planet earth. Took 5 years to make and the footage they shot is f**kin' AMAZING!!!!! It's even better if you have HD. Still good if you don't but yeah. I got into it late into the series. You can definitely add this to my DVD wishlist. It's just amazing!! Mother nature at its best and worst.

Lastly, for those of you who don't know yet, Alanis Morissette did a parody of the Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps." I don't know what the purpose of it was, but hilarious! Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet. It's an LOL. Upon hearing the lyrics in a clearly coherent manner, it also makes you realize how utterly rediculous the original song is. Enjoy.

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