Sunday, June 10, 2007

Juror #2

So I did my civil duty this week. That's right... that dreaded jury duty. I was one of the unfotunate ones to get called for a jury trial. I get called in Tuesday and as luck wasn't on my side that day, I was one of the 14 people chosen to be a juror. I was almost desperate for them to say "Juror #2 you are dismissed". Three days of sitting in the courtroom listening to opening statements, various testimonies of witnesses and experts, and closing statements. (I could easily sense the no one wanted to come back on Monday. )

Then there's the jury deliberations. That was pretty intersting. Kind of like being in a debate with 12 people. Remeber the movie 12 Angry Men? It wasn't that long though. I think we were in the jury room for two hours at most.

The case: Criminal - DUI
Charges: 1. Driving under the influence at the time defendant drove
2. Had a .08% o4 higher blood alcohol level at the time defendant drove.

We found the guy guilt of charge 1 and not guilty on charge two as we didn't have any supporting evidence. It's a complicated process. Hence the whole reasonable doubt part.

As the saying goes, innocent until proven guilty.

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