Sunday, February 17, 2008

The birthday week

Oh what a week it has been. Well... This past week was my birthday week. It wasn't much of a week due to the fact that I caught the cold and developed a fever. The week started out fine. But around Tuesday is when it kicked in. Wednesday felt like the slowest day in the world. With time SLOWLY passing by, Each minute felt excruciatingly slow. Add that with a full blown fever, I felt like I was dying. Leaving working early was the only thing i could do. But to get home I needed gas for my car. That was agony. It felt like a life or death situation. Well, almost. My fever subsided enough for me to return to work on Thursday to only have a deadline get dropped on my lap like an anvil. So add extreme stress to the list. Some Valentine's day, right? Being sick and majorly stressed. Gotta love it.

Friday comes around and it's birthday time. Woohoo... Luckily everything's calmed down by then. It was a bit of a relaxing day. Had a lovely dinner with my mom and some relatives. The following night a long overdue Girl's Night Out Bday Dinner with the bestest friends a girl can have. So it was quite a week.

On an up note... Writer's strike it OVER. Woohoo... Which means next week's Oscar show is a go. Like some people have their past time. The Oscars is mine. So who will win the coveted bald-naked gold plated statue, who knows.

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