Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping Cart Maddness

It's amazing how greedy people can get with a shopping cart. I was at Costco the other day and, of course, any who's been to Costco knows that shopping there i crazy. So I get to the entrance and I, along with many other people, waiit for the next batch of carts to be brought back.

As soon as that cart collectors approach, people turn into vultures trying to get their hands on a cart. This is when attitudes clash. As the crowd packs in like sardines. People try maneuver out and into the building. A few people try to help those already with carts past them, but of course, those with the cart mistake this kindly gesture as someone trying to take it away from them. They get angry and yell "This is my cart!!!!" Loud enough for the crowd to hear. This happens a few times.

I find it amazing that people get hung up over a cart. There will be other carts. Their names aren't on it, so they can't call it theirs. They're just borrowing it for the time-being.

Anywho... It's Oscar time!!!! Who will win the coveted Best Picture. I find that this year's nominees it a tough call. Either way, should be interesting.

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