Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another week and one more to go. The trip has gone by in a flash. This last week will go by fast as well. It begins to get a little sad because I'll be leaving behind my family once again. The last week of the trip I'll be in Manila, so tonight will be the last here in my mom's hometown of Nagcarlan, Laguna. It's been nice being away from the city. No skyscrapers or tall buildings. The tallest building you'll find is probably three stories high. The wear of age on the houses next to newly built ones.

I won't see most of my relatives again until probably 2010. It isn't cheap to travel across the pacific. I wish I could travel more often but it'll have to do. But I'll never know if this is the last I'll see some of them especially my grandmothers. Will be around in the next two years? Hopefully I'll be able to go back sooner and stay longer. But for now after this week it'll be back to just dear ol' mom and I.

On a small down side, I accidentally deleted one days worth of pictures. :( I thought I had backed them up in my hard drive so I went ahead a cleaned out my photo program. To my regret, I had not. I had cleaned out the memory card of the camera too. There were some interesting pics from the day, I can't turn back what's already been done. No worries though I have TONS of other photos from the past week and a half. Just kinda sucks. Oh well... It's like they say "it's no use crying over spilled milk".

But I am having fun and getting some much needed rest. Lazy days around the house. The hot humid weather. Hearing old stories, brushing up on my tagalog (Philippine language) and eating a lot of tasty food and treats that can't compare to the versions in the US. I don't want to leave them yet. I'm already missing them.

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