Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's sunday and I've been here a week. I feel like I haven't left at all. This past week was filled with preparations for a fiesta for Saint Raphael, which took place yesterday. Lots of food feeding close to a thousand people and a procession with a statue of the Saint carried through the streets of the town followed by a lot of the towns people and volunteers. I managed to get a ton of pictures. Don't have much access to a computer here, so I can't really upload and pics yet. My phone is my only way to check important emails or missed phone calls. Once I get back to the main city, Manila, then I will have access to a computer. It's because we're in one of the towns in the province here. Almost like a small suburb.

Anyways... It's been very festive, yet tiring at the same time. Even when I take a short afternoon nap I'm still tired. I guess my body is still adjusting. There's that plus the humidity that can get tiring as well. It's also been raining hard in the mornings. It would clear up by late afternoon then maybe rain again during the night.

I'm glad I got the chance to experience this. Traditions from my heritage. Being around family is a big plus. In the US, it's been primarily just my mother and I.

Now that the fiesta is done, we're all just relaxing and resting from a somewhat hectic week. You see how the town is very crowded, cramped, the houses all packed like sardines with families close to 10 people in one room, no running ho water and barely making ends meet. Last I saw in the news one US dollar equaled to 43 Philippine pesos.

Yet, you can see the genuine happiness on their faces. The smiles of the children as they play outside in the streets. Jokes told among friends. They may not have much, but they do with what little they have and appreciate what small handfuls they receive. There's tricycles and jeepneys (forms of transportation here) driving through the small roughly paved streets. Not many people here can afford to buy a car, let alone go to far distances. People walk a lot. Roosters crowing in the morning and throughout the day. Street vendors selling various items. Hearing old stories and history of what used to be and what it is now. Just like how I remember it as a little child.

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