Sunday, September 14, 2008

The week has gone by so fast... School days have once again arrived. Children lazily getting out of bed at the crack of dawn and rushing to get on campus before the bell rings. No one wants detention on the first day.

Flea markets are by far one of the coolest paces to visit. You get to see the treasure trove of things people are willing to part with. Antiques, new items, home made and even the most obscure items can be found among the hundreds or even thousands of items be sold. I guess it could be a filmmakers toyland, in terms of wardrobe or props and other little trinkets that may suite a scene or character. As I walk among the vendors, I spot some vintage LPs of bands that I love. Old manual 35mm cameras still in working condition. I wanted to get one. The most appealing to me was some of guitars being sold. My heart just pounded right there. But, alas, being a struggling artist, I had to restrain myself. I guess it's time to save up again. So I settled for a watermelon flavored snow cone. Somewhat anti-climactic, but was very satisfying.

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