Sunday, February 01, 2009

Appearances can be decieving

One month gone into the year. What have I done lately that that is of any significance to the world? I not sure.

Funny thing how the world works. Today, a lady next to me thought I was just a high school student. That's not the first time. It's happened hundreds of times before. The fact that, upon first glance, people think I'm 10 years younger than my real age. Sometimes younger. It's a great compliment to know that I'm aging well, but can be a hindrance as well. It's a cringe inducing thought for me. Career-wise appearances can mean so much. I've been trying my hand in this business for sometime and it's gotten me where I am so far. That I am grateful for. But I want so much more. Sometimes I just wish people would look past appearances and actually consider the potential of someone's abilities instead. It's frustrating at times, but all I can do is move through the rough roads until something good comes along. It's a bumpy one, but I'm heading straight towards the finish line. As to where that line is...I don't know.

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