Sunday, February 08, 2009


Remember those days in grade school on Valentine's Day when kids would hand out treats and little cards themed for the occasion. Oh, the memories. I think I still have some of those cards hidden in a box somewhere. One thing I like about Valentine's are those candy hearts with those printed catch phrases on them. I don't really care for what they say, I just like how they taste. It's just like those marshmallow peeps at Easter. Yummy!

"Will you be my valentine?" It's like asking someone if they want to go steady. Or "Hey, I like you, wanna out with me sometime?" It's a question in disguise, I tell you. (Sometimes depending on how it's said and to whom)

In many ways, that is the one question I've always wanted to ask a certain someone. A guy who shall remain nameless in this blog. I've never gotten the courage to actually say it. I know, I know. I'm a total chicken when it comes to this lovey-dovey stuff. Close friends have always told me to go for it. But I have that strong urge to not let a good friendship go sour by proclaiming my profound feelings for him. I have that lingering fear of being let down. Then again, if I don't, someone else may take that risk. Darn it!

But I do believe in fate and the like. If it was meant to be, it'll happen. Who my prince charming will yet to be determined. He's somewhere out there beneath the pale moon light. Remember that song?

Anyway, I do remember telling my high school crush that I liked him. It was senior year at a class retreat. His response, "We can still be friends." Ugh!! At least I told him. Ironically, just when I thought I was away from him, a couple of years later, he ended up transferring to the same college I attended. Different major, thank goodness. I graduated way before he did, but I was over him by then and moved on to the guy who shall remain nameless.

This year I'm keeping it within the inner circle. My mom will be my valentine. Awww... I'm a mama's girl. Yeah, yeah. But really I love my mom dearly. So, why not? It's a nice fit that we'd be each other's valentine this year since it is just to the two of us.

To end this semi-love filled post, my fellow readers, I give you a gift. A Hershey Kiss from me to you. Enjoy! xoxo

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