Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Quarter Century

I'm another year older today. Woo hoo... I'm a quarter of a century. How does it feel to be a quarter of a century? Eh, it's alright. I don't feel any different. Should I? I feel that same as I did the previous year. I'm the same little ol' me. Serious and thoughtful with a hint of youthfulness and ambition.

Age is a number invented by someone. In ancient times, they just lived day in and day out. You know, I think the concept of time was invented to make sure we meet our appointments for the day. I mean time has always existed, but not in terms of am/pm, hours, days and minutes months etc, etc, etc.

I'll just enjoy this day for what it is. Thankful for the years I've been given. Fortunate to experience the things I have. Thankful for my family and friends who keep me sane through all my madness. They are my support system. I'm just grateful.

On a little side note...

The stimulus package. I think it's full of crap. I don't like it. Really I don't. $1 Trillion?!?! Really??? It's gone down a bit, but it's still a MAJOR chuck of change right there. Where are they going to get that kind of money? Oh wait, from us taxpayers. It's bad enough that I barely have enough to pay for my bills each month, but I don't the government taking anymore of my hard earned cash. I give them a good chunk every April 15th, anyway. I keep hearing that it will help make jobs and "stimulate" the economy back up. Yes, I get that, but how? I need specifics, not generalities. Plus, I hear no one in congress had read the entire 1,000+ page bill that they passed on Friday the 13th. Would you sign a contract or deal without reading it from beginning to end?

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a political person nor will I ever be. I loathe politics. Yet, the more I hear about what's in this stimulus package, the more I just want to shove it up somebody's ***.

Here's an idea, why not freeze federal income tax, oh let's say, a couple of years and let the people keep their money. That way we can pay our bills and other expenses, put food on the table and go shopping once again. Wouldn't that stimulate the economy? I don't know, it's just an idea. It's hard enough as it is for everyone to just try and make a decent living these days. Oh, well. Oops...didn't mean to turn this into a mini-rant. But it's just getting ridiculous.

Anyway, today's my day. It's lovely out and I'm going to enjoy it.

Coming up: the Oscars. I'll put my predictions up next week. See how I match up. I've done pretty good in the past few years. Can I do it again? We shall see.

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