Sunday, November 08, 2009


I just realized that November is here. That means Christmas is just around the corner, then the new year will be here in a blink of an eye. But I don't want to think of that just yet. Let's just enjoy of what's left of this year. On the career side of things, it's been pretty calm. I've begun putting together a little pitchbook for the script I wrote several months back. A good way to entice those interested. Have I mentioned yet that I really want to shoot it? I'll say it again. I really want to make this film. On the scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11. I'm still optimistic. When have I not been? The visions in my head are becoming clear each day as to how the finished film would look. I've been playing it over and over again like I was in a darkened theater with a bag of hot buttered popcorn and soda looking up at the screen seeing my words come to life.

I remember watching this short film a while back. I don't recall from where I had heard about it, but it sure remained in my mind since them. It's called Inside. Directed by Trevor Sands with Jeremy Sisto as the lead.

I've actually enjoyed many of Jeremy Sisto's performances. He's a really good actor. Last I recall, he was in one of those Law & Order shows. Which one it is, I don't know. The film is 5 minutes and very well made. A simple and effective story with a clever ending. Enjoy!


Anil P said...

Am curious to know of how it is pitched. Do you actually shoot a sequence or two of the script to pitch it?

Jenn said...

You can do that, but most choose to do a pitchbook. Shooting scenes from the script is sometimes costly. It also depends on the scene you want to show. Investors and producers want to know how you're going to make the movie. With a pitch book you can do that without spending much money to begin with until you get the greenlight. Anamatics are good too.

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