Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flying Birds (Flugufrelsarinn)

I love the Kronos Quartet. Actually, I love the sound of 4-string quartets in general. Flying Birds. Or if you're from Iceland, Flugufrelsarinn. Say that ten times fast. The original song was by the group Sigur Ros with the Kronos quartet doing the string arrangements in the background. I first heard the rendition of this song several years ago. I was immediately awestruck at how moving it was. How much emotion it can invoke. I love music especially instrumentals and classical. I grew up listen to whenever I could. I always found it to be very therapeutic at times to put a little Chopin on the speakers. Yes, I even listen to a little Yanni on the side. I ain't ashamed of that. His "Live from the Acropolis" CD is actually pretty good.

I keep the Kronos Quartet version of Flugufrelsarinn on rotation on my ipod. You can find it on itunes if you're interested. When I'm stressed, I put that on and it soothes away the troubles even for a few minutes. I found a performance video on youtube of the song, so that you can experience how awesome it is. Oh, forget the images on the screen. The images of flying birds added by the person who posted it gets distracting from the performance footage. Just turn up the volume on the speakers, close your eyes and listen. Feel the music and it's emotions. It's truly a beautiful rendition.

Flugufrelsarinn by Sigur Ros. Performed by Kronos Quartet.

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