Thursday, April 08, 2010

Workin' It

It's been crazy being back in production again. But it's the kind of crazy that I enjoy.  After a slow year in terms of projects, this year seems to have picked up a little bit. That's not including all the background work I've been doing on various movies and shows.

Being back in the producer's chair is an exciting thing for me. I mostly prefer working behind the camera. Getting to the bare bones of what makes a film, show, commercial, music video, etc. There are times that moments get stressful...I'm up for that challenge. I don't mind the stress of it. It just pushes me to work even harder.

I'm also beginning to prepare for a new film, which I will be directing. A new Five Foot Filmworks production. It's a short film version of the feature script I had written last year. (mentioned here) I'm really happy to be filming something of my own material. I did a location scout the other day with a friend and found a perfect place. Now that's taken care's just a matter of getting everything together.


For your enjoyment, here's a live video performance of Charlotte Gainsbourg performing "Songs That We Sing" from her visit to KCRW. I've been listening to her latest album (IRM) lately. I like it quite a bit. It's different from her last one (5:55). The video below is of a song from 5:55.

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