Sunday, April 29, 2007

I've been summoned

So about that little craigslist snaffoo (sp?) last week... I got two more calls about that stupid jeep Sunday night. Still annoying! But as nice as I am... you know the rest.

So, I got that dreaded jury summons this week. Jury duty!!!! CRAAAAAAP!!!!!!!! Last time was three years ago (I think). The whole week I didn't have to report to the courthouse, then suddenly my group gets called in on the last day. Drive to downtown LA at 6:30 the morning and sit in a flourescent lit room the for 8 hours with a 100+ other people. Boring as hell. Each of us hoping that our names won't get called to report for a jury selection. (My name wasn't called, btw.) I'm hoping that I don't get called in again. I don't have any excuses to say no and they're pretty strict on that type of thing now. Might as well get it over with. Ugh! At least the courthouse isn't in downtown LA. I got a much closer location this time around. But still...

update on film: editing is almost, i say, ALMOST complete. Editing-wise I'd say we're 97.999%. I have to add the extra 9's. Gives it more pizzaz. The film as a whole, I'd say, is about 70%. No 9's in that percentage. There's still the sound design, music, final color correction, final transfer, etc, etc,etc... but I'm making good progress. I may just meet my deadline yet. (*knock on wood*) Then comes the premiere and festivals and promotions and websites, etc, etc, etc... So much on my plate, yet it's so tasty. Yum yum.

What would be a good way to end this weeks post? I know. For those of you who have been reading every week since I started posting the blog back on myspace, I'd occasionally put a "random form of trivia." I think I was on number 11 and just totally forgot about it since then. hehe... So let's resurrect that little random form of trivia. Here's two:

Did you know...
#12 The first Oreo [cookie] was sold in 1912
#13 On Star trek: The Next Generation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard's fish was named Livingston

Random trivia...sometimes educational, but pretty much useless. =)

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