Sunday, April 22, 2007

a jeep and a gas station

How annoying is it when person posts something with the wrong contact information?

Well that's how I felt when I get a voicemail close to 10pm friday April 20. Earlier in the day I get phone call from a guy calling about the jeep. I get a voicemail, but disregard and delete. Thinking it was nothing, I move on with my day. Later that night another phone call. I couldn't answer because I had no signal where I was at. I check my messages and it's from a woman saying that she had put an ad on for her Jeep Cherokee on Craigslist and mistyped her phone number and if I could tell anyone who calls the correct number. It's a one number difference. And now she's asking me to cater to her own mistake. Worse thing is she has no way of changing the post until she gets back to work on Monday. Ugh! How annoying is that?! First off if you plan to sell something anywhere via internet, newspaper, whatever... make sure that the contact information is CORRECT! I checked the listing on craigslist turns out that it was posted on April 17th. Ok... Let's think for a moment. Listing posted on the 17th and I get the call on 20th. There's a gap in there where I could have gotten random calls from people about a jeep that I didn't know about. Luckily I didn't. Thank God! However over this weekend I did get one other call about the jeep. I kindly tell them the situation and info. So please always double check.

Now, for a freaky moment of the week:
Never, I say, never pump gas in the middle of the night alone. There were two other cars there as well. I was minding my own beeswax when an old cadillac looking car pulls up in the pump next to me. Suddenly, a girl screams "LET ME OUT OF HERE!". My first instinct was to think "OH SHIT!" But I stay calm and wait for the pump to finish adn trying not to look. I glance over a couple of times pretending not to mind. A girl frantically gets out of the car screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. The others trying to coax her back in. She begins walking towards the sidewalk. The girl was about high school age. "LEAVE ME ALONE" she yells over and over. Clearly the other people with her were family. I hear a few words like "grandma" and "hospital," "ran away," among others. Finally, the click of the pump and bolt out of there. Don't know what happened next and frankly I'm just glad I left before anything else happened.

Movie of the week:
The TV Set. Synopsis: "The story of a TV pilot as it goes through the Network TV process of casting, production and finally airing." I liked it. It has David Duchovney, Sigourney Weaver and Ioan Gruffudd. Great performances. Has many funny moments. Kind of makes you NOT want to go into TV production. It's in limited release right now, so try to catch it while it's still out there. It's definitely one of those small independents. But worth the watch.

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