Sunday, January 27, 2008

Already a month into the new year. That means only a few weeks left before I become another year older. Luckily the birthday is on a Friday which means I can party all weekend long. Like I have anything planned. Haha... I a low-key person. Never been much of a party person. Maybe drinks and such, but nothing too fancy.

This past Tuesday, actor Heath Ledger died. I have to admit I'm pretty bummed about his passing. I don't usually get affected by these sort of things unless it's someone I personally know. But I felt really shocked and sad as, of course, many people have been. Hopefully, now he's at peace.

Watch the movie Sunshine this past week. It's the latest from Director Danny Boyle. Some of you may know this last film, the zombie flick, 28 Days Later. Sunshine is about a group of researchers in the future who are on a space mission to prevent the sun from burning out. That's the best way I can sum it up without going into detail. I really Liked it a lot. I wanted to see it in theaters here, but it wasn't playing in many theaters and was briefly at the Arclight and couldn't catch it in time. I'd recommend this one to others. It's definitely put the sci-fi genre back on the map.

Edited to add:

I just watched this and thought it to be pretty funny. So I'd share it with you "Matrix ping pong." Enjoy!

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