Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lately I've been really eager to get back behind the camera. Yet, at the same time I have my moments of feeling lazy. Aside from that I just want to make another film. That's all I want. But as many of you know it all comes down to $$$. Finding investors is a bitch.

I've already got a new short script and a feature to go along with it. well almost a feature script. I'm in the process of writing it at the moment. Each script goes hand in hand. Anywho... It's a great story and very intriguing as mentioned by a few professional individuals who have read it. It's completely different from my last three films I've done and I never been this excited about anything I've done before.

I'm not going to write the synposis here as paranoid I may be about people stealing ideas and certain concepts.

All I want this year is mainly to make another film. If you're thinking to yourself... "Hey, why don't I invest in a film. Sounds like a fun thing to do and get a credit in the film." You know who to look for. =)

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