Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a strange world we live in, right? So many things happen for a reason as we collide with our destinies. Some of you may not know it, but our lives have been planned out long before we were born.

Ya, I'm getting all other worldly and philosophical all of the sudden. Today I got someone what of a fright of witnessing an elderly woman collapse during mass. What scared me the most is that no knew for while what was happening to her. Was she having a stroke, a heart attack, or some other viable affliction? Luckily there were several certified nurses and a couple doctors in the congregation that acted quickly to the situation before paramedics arrived. Once the paramedics had arrived they assessed the situation and took out on a stretcher as a precaution. From what I hear the elderly woman had fainted. Thankfully, she will be okay.

It could have been worse.

It puts into perspective that anything and everything can happen in a single moment. How a tiny incident can affect, even a little, those around them. It's a thought that I don't like having in my head. But, eventually, I will have to face.

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