Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis' the season

Christmas is just a few days away. Have you finished your gift shopping? The mad rush to get everything bought, wrapped and placed under the tree in time for the recipients to open their surprise. For me, in recent years, I've had a much simpler Christmas. Thank goodness for gift cards and online shopping. get it done and over with in a jiffy. Besides, I don't have many relatives here in the US or living near me. And I have enough close friends that I can count them with one hand, plus half of the other hand. Although I do wish I could spend the holidays with family back in the Philippines. One day it'll happen. When I have enough $$$. But for now I'm content with what I have.

This year I've decided to go the homemade route. Save on money, but not on time. Plus it makes it more personal that I actually spent the time to make and wrap what I have to give. Little treats of deliciousness. Mixing my love for sweets and gift giving. It's a good combo and I know it won't go to waste because usually the outcome is that those receiving can't have just one.

Then soon we will see 2009 upon us. How in the world did this year go by so fast?? I say that a lot because it's true. I don't feel that I've been more productive as I was from the previous year. Heck, I feel the same. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, here's to all of you having a very merry christmas. Hope that you Christmas is filled with happiness and joy and that you all stay safe and warm. To end this weeks post here is one of my favorite holiday songs from a Charlie Brown Christmas called "Christmas time is here". Enjoy!

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