Sunday, March 08, 2009


Okay, I couldn't think of a clever title for this week's post. It's not that I got lazy. I just didn't want to. So I thought of the next best thing. Just take last week's title and put the number up one. Like in the movie This Is Spinal Tap when Nigel Tufnel (fabulously played by Christopher Guest) shows off some of his equipment. One of his amplifiers goes up to 11 rather than the standard 10. You'll find the scene I've mentioned below. It's is a hilarious movie. Definitely on my favorites list. If you ever get the chance you should netflix it or however you get your paws on movies from yester-year.

You may have noticed that the site has a brighter layout. Got tired of the other one, so why not go the other spectrum. Banner was designed by yours truly. I also added a twitter box on the side. If you have twitter, why not follow me? In return I'll follow you. Sounds like a good trade-off, right? (Follow me)

On a side note, I'm starting a tiny little food blog. For those who know me well, I love food. I love to eat food as well as talk about it (a lot) and its many processes. It's called Bread + Butter. Click here to check it out. There's not much in it yet as I've just started it, but this will be a more frequent thing as I like to explore the culinary world on a daily basis. The thing that nourishes us can be a facinating thing. There will be pictures, recipes, places I've visited or may be worth visiting, etc. I'll even take suggestions.

Anyway during these frustrating times, the best thing I can think of is to just laugh. Isn't there an old saying that laughter is sometimes the best medicine. Ahh, I think that should be the title for this post. We could all use a little something to perk up our spirits every now and then. Be it from a small joke or something on the telly having a sense of humor can do so much to alleviate some of the stresses of life. begins daylight savings. So move those clocks forward an hour, if you haven't =)

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