Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hide and Seek

I told you I was going to try and post more often and here I am. Of course with this post being posted on a Sunday, it's a must for me. I still have to do my weekly Sunday post. But four in the last week isn't so bad either. At least that's one New Year's goal I'm keeping up on -- hopefully.

Anyway...I love photography. I love taking photos. I love looking at photos artistic or not. I'm happy with my camera by my side in which I can get "snap happy" at times.  If I could, I'd shoot 35mm or medium format at every opportunity I get, but of course things don't work out that way and I shoot digital, which is still great either way. Look at a picture and what do you see? You can create a story with endless possibilities. Just like the Manet painting (here) I posted a couple days ago. What was that saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"?

I was sorting through some of the photos in my hard drive and came upon this one photo I really love. It's from my last trip to the Philippines in 2008. This was taken in Rizal, Laguna Philippines. Children playing in what looks like an outdoor shower stall. Hide and seek maybe? Or playing mischief. Hiding from the adults so that they won't get into trouble. The look on the one child's face on the right suggests that it's slightly true. Surprise with a slight hint of fear of be caught. The child in the left foreground acting as a look out.  The one in the middle mildly enjoying the prospect of getting caught. With all the photos I've taken during that trip this one has got to be my favorite. A candid shot of childhood playfulness.

You can view more of these photos in my Children of Laguna collection on Flickr: Click Here


Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

This is so thought provoking - hope you'll share more.

Justin said...

cool photo, jenn

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